Helping the retail industry to streamline purchasing & receiving.

Senddr understands how real world process issues can hold you back. We tackle these problems through constant innovation and none more so than in the retail sector.

Often, high volume and transaction heavy retail businesses look to Senddr to eliminate costs associated with invoice entry and management. Senddr has worked hard to provide solutions that help your supplier to help you. From features such as ‘invoice overlay’ which allow the supplier to automatically supplement invoice data with additional data that you require, to our messaging service which allows you to track all supplier correspondence and tie it to an invoice, Senddr enables the supplier without burdening them.

Supplier Invoices

Using Senddr you can receive supplier invoices electronically in a format that suits your business needs. Our solution provides suppliers with a broad range of option to submitting their invoices from direct connection to their financials to file transfer to EDI (EDIFACT & Tradacoms).

For businesses supplying to the retail sector Senddr is a convenient gateway to EDI & electronic commerce.

Product Catalogue

Senddr allows both suppliers and customers to store a full product catalogue in the cloud. This allows for goods to be initially ordered through Senddr and also allows the subsequent invoice to be overlayed with additional data such as barcodes, case quantities or best before dates.

Goods Receiving

When deliveries are received, Senddr can scan barocde data and generate goods received notes (GRNs). This data can then be matched to either a PO or an invoice. The full report is then available for export to your inventory systems as appropriate.

Retail eInvoicing and Goods Receiving



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