Send & Receive Invoices the Easy Way

Senddr Connect is a self-service solution for small businesses to send & receive invoices from within their own accounting software. It connects directly into financials to extract sales invoices to send to customers and also to post purchases that have been received from suppliers.

It is best suited to businesses who process less than 200 invoices per month.

Sign up for your free 30 day trial
Add the Senddr connector to your accounting software
Create your sales invoices as normal
Senddr will deliver your invoices to your customers
We'll ping you when its been delivered or if there was an issue

Save Typing, Save Time

Receive your supplier invoices automatically into your accounting system.

Senddr connects directly to your accounts and will create a new purchase invoice each time your approved suppliers send an invoice.

Delight your customers

Save them time processing your sales invoices and get paid quicker. With Senddr they can receive your invoice instantly.

When you create a sales invoice, Senddr will immediately validate it and send it onwards to your customer.

Direct Connection

Senddr is a unique service that directly connects to your accounts to give you hands-free invoicing.

With over 30 different accounting and ERP systems already connected we can instantly transfer invoices between suppliers and customers.