Senddr for Saasu


Connect with Senddr to seamlessly exchange invoices with your customers and suppliers.

The Senddr add-on is configurable and it lets you specifiy how each individual customer should receive invoices from you. It also lets you specify how you would like to receive invoices from each of your suppliers and how you should be alerted when one arrives.

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Real-Time Transparency on Sales Invoices

Are you tired of customer excuses when it comes to invoicing? "I didn't get it", "The cheque is in the post". Senddr gives you a detailed trail of what is happening with your invoices.

Senddr will tell you when they are received by your customers and whenever the invoice status changes.

You don't need to change the way you work, Senddr will add a note to your sales invoice whenever an update is made.

No Data-Entry for your Purchase Invoices (Bills)

Are you tired of wasting time typing purchases into your accounting software? Senddr completely eliminates this task allowing you to focus on running your business.

All you need to do is enable our add-on and we will do the rest. Senddr will connect to your suppliers and post their invoices directly into your accounts.

If you want total control, Senddr can also be configured to hold your invoices on our systems until you manually approve them.