SME & Enterprise eInvoicing in Ireland

Invisible Invoicing

Senddr connects with your accounting software to instantly deliver your invoices to your customers. it is a new approach to eInvoicing and completely unique to Ireland.

If your business uses Sage, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Oracle then we can connect directly to you. You do not need to install cumbersome plug-ins such as printer drivers, Senddr connects to the source.

100% e-Invoicing

Senddr is a bridge between your ERP system and the accounting systems used by your SME customers and suppliers. With Senddr, when you send an invoice to your customer they can receive it directly into their accounting system without manual intervention.

Likewise, using Senddr your global suppliers can instantly submit invoices into your organisation without having to build interfaces or perform daily extracts. These invoices are verified and stored on our systems meaning you don't need to expose your infrastructure to unknown users.

Senddr connects securely with major ERP systems allowing larger enterprises to send and receive true eInvoices in bulk. For inbound supplier invoices, our systems will verify the suppliers identity and pre-validate the invoice matching your own business rules. All of this happens before it is submitted into your ERP system.

Your Trusted Partner

Senddr is fully ISO 270001 compliant giving you the peace of mind that your data is handled securely and reliably. Our enterprise solution allows us to host your data on a dedicated infrastructure ensuring that we meet your high standards.