Senddr is more than just an easy eInvoicing service. Senddr can transfer many document types between disparate systems and is ideally placed to handle more complex relationships between trading partners.

In the waste sector, Senddr has used its open document platform to enable waste service providers to transfer jobs between systems and accept weighbridge and other ticket types. Beyond this, clients can create custom transaction types unique to a particular trading relationship and Senddr will automate the transfers, approvals and confirmations.

Customer Documentation

Senddr allows your business to exchange not only financal documents such as PO's and invoices with your customers but also waste industry specific documentation such as location & outlet data.

Sub-contractor Documentation

Using Senddr you can manage the process of electronically issuing jobs to sub-contractors. They in-turn can submit job confirmations back to you electronically.

Senddr manages the transmission of all job data including locations, weights & duty of care information.

Waste sector einvoicing process flow



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