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Senddr Elevate is a solution for larger businesses to send and receive high volumes of purchase orders, invoices and credit notes. It includes the ability to set custom validation rules, configure multiple entities and to manage the receipt of goods.

Receive invoices electronically and eliminate data entry

Screen invoices for issues before they reach your financials

Reduce supplier queries and payment follow-ups

Communicate in real-time with your trading partners

Transactions can be sent/received by connecting directly to financials, file transfer (CSV or XLS via email or FTP) or by EDI (EDIFACT or Tradacoms via FTP or AS2).

The Senddr approach insulates your business from the complexity of various file and transmission formats. When you exchange data with senddr it is in a format suited to the technical capabilities of your organisation not of your trading partner.

Enterprise eInvoicing dataflow

EDI Network

The secure Senddr network enables businesses to exchange documents easily and efficiently. It supports commonly used formats such as XML, EDIFACT and Tradacoms and can be used to bridge the gap between your internal financial systems and EDI connectivity.


Senddr offers a broad range of options to make it easy to connect to our network. These include email, AS2, HTTPS, sFTP and FTP.